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Traditional Magazines Vs Online Magazines - A Short Term Win and Long Term Rout

I receive a hard copy version of Inc. magazine each month, delivered to by my friendly mailman. He's been delivering our mail to us for years. The magazine is arriving for free, though I cannot recall how or why this arrangement occurred, perhaps it was from remnant sky miles on airline programs which remained unused, or for which I'll never accrue sufficient miles for anything. I like Inc. magazine and think many of the articles are interesting and thought provoking, once you can find them. In the March 2010 issue, for example, the reader first finds content on page six with a short profile accompanied by a large photograph, on page 14 there is a letter from the editor and on page 17 there is reader mail (hopefully email).
If we want to be generous and don't refer to the inside cover as an actual page, the reader is provided with three pages of content in the first 17 pages of the magazine, or a ratio of 82% advertisements to 18% content. Continuing on to page 41, there is approximately 14 pages of content out of 24 pages, which is a happier ratio of 42% advertisements to 52% content. Overall, in the first 41 pages I found 17 pages of content which translates to roughly 40% reader content and 60% advertisement. Of course, if I had the patience, I would have analyzed all of the pages of the magazine. But a quick Google search led me to a web site called, which states that the average (traditional) magazine is about a 50/50 ratio between ads and content. Overall, I guarantee my down and dirty research to be somewhere between relatively accurate to completely anecdotal and spurious. Feel free to contact me as you browse your own magazine pages counting ads versus content should your due diligence and subsequent findings prove otherwise!
Let's compare my Inc. Magazine findings with an online magazine. I would estimate that the online magazine I review daily has a ratio of 60% content to 40% advertisements, which is much better than the paper based version of Inc., or the estimate. However, and this is an important caveat, whenever the reader selects an online article to read, content always appears. In a traditional magazine, it's somewhat more challenging, and certainly more time consuming to find the table of contents and then leaf through the publication to arrive at page 41 to read your article. We all have a propensity to browse paper based magazines page by page until an article catches our eye.
It's rare that a paper based magazine shows up at our house. From time to time we might receive a promotional copy, but our online propensity continues to grow. We receive the New York Times on Sundays though we have questioned how long we will continue to subscribe to the paper based version. Our Boston Globe and Boston magazine delivery days have long since passed. We continue to embrace a virtual and online centric manner of content consumption, which is easier, faster and more environmentally friendly. We seem to quote Yahoo, blogs, and online resources far more than we now say, "I read an interesting article in the paper."

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Philosophy Term Paper

Effective writing equally means you will write both from a critical as well as a creative perspective. In a philosophy write-up, you create and write. You create something out of nothing and make it into something. This is also a type of writing in which you will have to think and judge purposefully. As a philosopher, you will not only have to assess what you think about, you will also have to assess why you think about what you think about. This is a type of writing in which you will go a long way to learn as you write.
Your first task will be to look for a topic to write about and this will be followed by looking for something to write about the topic. Always keep in mind that this is the most challenging part of every philosophy paper and the least expected. This is because you may have a good topic but fail to have the materials to write about the topic. On the other hand, you may have all the materials to build up your term paper, but fail to know how to frame a topic to guide the materials.
Your writing must have a purpose and a direction and make sure that as you write, this purpose and direction is maintained. In order to keep this in tact, you will have to make use of principles and standards to keep your writing in tact. As you write along, you will have to monitor and evaluate what you write by asking yourself some specific questions based on philosophical principles and standards. Have you made your points clear? Are your ideas arranged in a concise and logical manner? Is there a connection between each of your thoughts and does each thought support what it follows? Are your connections clear to the readers? Have you provided sufficient evidence or verifications to back up your readers? Is the tone of your language appropriate for your readers? It is in making these self evaluation questions that you will be able to know if your philosophy paper has a purpose and direction.
In every philosophy paper, you will need information to support what you have written. These could be facts and figures, reports and opinions or examples and illustrations. Your main concern should be how to use all these to make your points clear and convincing to your readers. Remember that most of your readers will not be any type of readers.

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Reading Style Development for Research Papers

In order to develop a proper and effective reading style for research papers, it is important to know two things: First - what one should try and get out of the paper, and second - exactly where that information is located in that particular paper.
For effective and good research paper writing, one should know exactly how a typical research paper is brought together. For any research paper, there is always an undying expectation that a particular problem has been solved that no one else has published yet, in that literature.
But it is to be remembered that an idea alone cannot usually be adequate for publication of any research paper. In order to put an idea on paper, one should learn how to write a good research paper and also give a good research talk, go ahead and research skills in writing papers, on giving research talks. It is to be noted that writing research proposals are key skills, but they aren't easy at all.
For reference, one can refer to a book - "How to write a good research paper", by Simon Peyton Jones. Please note that before obtaining help from any agency for writing research papers, one should know the agency's background.
It is always beneficial if the writers at the agency have helped out college students by writing the internet's best research papers for a long period of time. It is also beneficial if the agency has a dedicated team of specialists working extremely hard year after year writing thousands of unique research papers for reference.
One will find lots of other companies that claim to be "experts" in writing every type of academic paper possible, but one should choose agencies who specialize in only writing research papers. Any agency's specialized nature will make its service the most experienced, qualified source for perfectly formatted research papers in all citation styles, including MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, and may be even Harvard.

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Term Paper Outline Writing

The outline of the term paper should be considered as part and parcel of the entire term paper. When given this type of academic task, the main requirements from the writer will be to test how organized the student is or should be. Carrying out a serious research and writing is something often not very easy. There is therefore the need of an outline to take you through the whole research and writing process. Your term paper must have a direction and the outline is that direction.
What you should also know is that the outline should be written in a simple manner. The outline is just the raw material for the whole term paper. If you think that the outline can be made use of in forming a readable and unified term paper, then you need to put in all your best in writing and shaping what is to be found in the outline. The outline should be written in point form. This is just to save time. There is nothing wrong in writing the outline in the same manner as the term paper will be written. This is provided you have all the time in doing so. Keep in mind that most of what will be found in the outline should be readable enough because you will only have to do some rewriting to complete the final term paper.
There are four basic steps that you have to make use of in coming up with the outline. You must first of all begin by searching for materials that have to appear in the term paper. Most of the materials that you place in the outline will not have to be selective. Secondly, you will have to interpret what you have as materials for the outline. This means you will have to look at what is relevant and appropriate to your term paper. Thirdly, you will have to synthesize what you have as material for the outline. This is where you will have to blend all that you have into a unified whole. Finally, you will organize what you have so that when read in its entirety, it will sound more than an outline to a real term paper.

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Eliminate the Top Errors in Your Manuscript - Get Your Research Paper Edited by Experts

The publication process is complex, time-consuming, and effort intensive. The "publish or perish" culture that dominates the academic and scientific research community further increases the pressure on authors to publish. Further, the large submission volumes journals deal with has led to them becoming increasingly stringent with manuscript screening and selection. Thus, only the best manuscripts that are well presented and do not have any errors of data, language, or structure make it to peer review and eventual publication.
The biggest challenge many authors face is that of preparing a research paper that reflects the language standards expected by the international research community. This is because, while they may be experts in their field of study, not all researchers are good writers. Today, researchers have access to several online research paper editing services that provide an array of scientific communication and publication support solutions. By seeking their help, authors can prepare a publication-ready manuscript that is free of errors that may dissuade journal reviewers from selecting your manuscript and might lead to unwarranted delays in the publication process.
What are the most common mistakes that you may be prone to make as an author? And how can professional research paper editing services help you avoid them?
Not following the journal's instructions for authors
Reading through the target journal's manuscript preparation instructions for authors should be among the first things you do. Often authors submit manuscripts without reading or following the journal's instructions. This discourages journal reviewers and poses problems for typesetters, thereby delaying the publication process. Seek the help of research paper editing services that offer manuscript formatting help to ensure that your paper follows all the requirements of the target journal.
Inconsistencies in data
Figures, tables, and graphs are critical elements of scientific manuscripts and need to be prepared carefully. The most common issues journal reviewers face with these is that they contain incorrect or inconsistent information. A professional research editing service will not only polish the language in your manuscript but will also check your figures and tables for formatting and inconsistency.
Following ethical guidelines
Conducting and presenting research ethically is foremost among all scientific communication requirements. A professional and established research paper editing service will scrutinize your research paper to check for any possible ethical violations.
Errors in references 
Formatting the references is an essential part of manuscript preparation. The most common errors in references are missing references, listed references not matching the citations in text, and inappropriately formatted references. Missing and inaccurate references undermine the credibility of a paper. Most research paper editors check references thoroughly and point out any issues to authors. Read this article for advice on citing sources.

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Custom Essay Writing - Should You Buy Essays Online?

Custom essay writing services are rampant on the web these days. Every time I turn around, it seems like there is a new website selling essays to unsuspecting college students around the world. These companies are unethical and doing their customers a major disservice.
Keep reading to find out why you should never pay money for an essay online.
Where do essay writing services get their essays? Although many of these companies would like you to believe that they are creating essays with a qualified team of writers, most of these so-called essay writing services actually outsource their writing to India and other countries. Think of it: someone in New Delhi is getting paid a few bucks an hour to write your college paper.
Why is it so bad to buy an essay that was produced in a foreign country? Besides the obvious waste of an opportunity to grow intellectually and the apparent waste of your college tuition, an essay written by a foreigner is simply not going to reflect the expectations of a college writing class in the United States.
Many custom essay writing services will also provide you with a finished document that is recycled from previously composed work for other customers. Some of these essays even get reproduced online and become easy for your instructor to catch and dismiss as simple plagiarism.
As a college writing instructor myself, I have found it very easy to identify essays that students either buy online or pay someone else to write. It is not difficult and often very obvious when it happens. I want to urge you to think twice (even three times) about making this error next time you think about skipping an assignment and finding an essay for sale on the web. Not only will you be throwing away your college education, you're also very likely to get caught!

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Why You Should Not Use Term Paper Writing Services

There is something that students do now that they have always done at one time or another. Students cheat on their homework. While the forms of cheating have changed from generation to generation, the concept is still the same.
One form of cheating that exists right now is called term paper writing services. A student can contract out someone else to write his or her paper's by paying a certain fee per page which is typically a fairly high cost. The service will do the homework for you so that you can get out of doing the work. While this might seem like something a busy student would love, there are some huge drawbacks to cheating like this which hopefully will make you not want to use these writing services.
One big problem is that these companies aren't too ethical. They are letting students cheat so what did you really expect from them? There are many cases where common term papers and assignments are duplicated for thousands of different students. This means it's likely that you will receive a copy that other students have already used. Many professors today have software that can check it against other papers that have been turned in. It's much easier to catch duplicated work. Using a service like this increases your chance of being caught as a cheater which can have huge implications for you especially if enrolled at a college.
You also don't learn anything. While some might not think this is a problem, eventually you are going to want to have experienced that learning if you realize you went through school and didn't really learn anything. While at times assignments can make you feel stressed out when there is too much, it's still an opportunity to learn.
Do yourself a favor and completely avoid these so that you can also avoid the trouble associated with them.

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